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A slip resistant cork and nitrile rubber composition available in raised diamond or round stud pattern. It has proven itself wherever a tough, safe, anti-slip surface is required. Aquadeck is particularly suited to patios, ramps and any other access areas which may be subject to wet conditions: such as nursing homes, aged care facilities or hospitals.
Blue Diamond & Blue Round are available. Other colours are stock to order.

Deck Tread

Self Adhesive Deck Tread removes the dangers of slipping whilst on board a boat or other watercraft.



Gunwale Products


Marine Buoyancy Foam

Microlen Marine Bouyancy Foam used for life jackets, buoys, boat fenders, etc.

Pontoon Fender

Most often used on light vessels, pontoon fender is used to protect the sides of boats and jetties.

Trailer Strip

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