Choosing the Perfect Piece of Foam!

There is a variety of different foams floating around the globe- we stock most varieties after all we are a foam warehouse, since it is in the name after all. Read on to find out about all the varieties which we stock and how they differ between one another.


Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a flexible open cell foam and is used for upholstery, bedding, seat cushions, motor trimming and carpet underlay. Stocked in wide range of grades ranging from short term, standard to premium/Enduro (high quality). This type of foam can also come in speciality forms such as combustion modified. All polyurethane in store is either stocked and sold as full sheets or we can cut to a required size which is tailored to each individual needs.

Polyurethane foams are also available as mattresses (commercial quality – we have these in stock), as shaped pieces (e.g., backrests, wedges, bolsters etc.), and in convoluted surface finishes (e.g., mattress overlays, invalid comfort cushions etc.).


Polyester Foam

Polyester Foam is an open cell foam designed for speciality purposes such as acoustic (sound deadening) and filtering. Properties of this foam can include flame retardancy, fuel and oil resistance and differing grades of coarseness.

We stock two different types of Polyester Foam Acoustic and Meracell (Filter Foam). There is also other types of foam which fall under the Polyester Foam.

Acoustic Foam is used for sound deadening in areas such as studios and houses. This foam can also be used as a shock absorber in cases for important objects such as cameras, surveying gear etc. We stock acoustic foam in both flat and convoluted (egg shell) finishes in various thickness.

Meracell Foam is the perfect filter foam for air filtration systems. The main purpose of this foam is for vacuums and automotive filters – as this is also resistant to oil and fuel. Our filter foam comes in three different thickness and in two different grades (fine or coarse).

Reticulated foam is an open cell foam which allows water to flow through, this particular open cell foam is made to be used in water environments. The main purpose of this foam is for fish tank filters.

Dry Flow Foam is a robust open cell foam which is made for the outdoor environment. This type of open cell foam allows for water to flow through without any damage. We supply to order only – we do not have stock on hand. The life expectancy of this type of foam is shorter in comparison to Polyurethane Foam which has replaced the polyester foam for general use.

All Polyester Foam in store is either stocked and sold as full sheets or we can cut to a required size which is tailored to each individual needs. 


Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam has a range of diverse characteristics including buoyancy and resistant to water, petrol, oil and most chemicals. We also have closed cell foam which is UV resistant, heat and cold insulation and shock absorption. This foam is used in various applications. 

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam is a closed cell foam and is available in a range of densities (molecular weights) and hardnesses. This type of foam is great for buoyancy as it is impervious to water, along with being an excellent shock absorber and insulator.

Polyethylene Foam is a great for usage as a sealant, sound deadening, packaging and padding. We stock this foam on various widths and have self-adhesive versions as well. Along with heat and cold insulation purposes.

 PVC Nitrile Closed Cell Foam comes in a self-adhesive tape. This type of foam is great for sealing. It has excellent resistance to weathering, ageing, UV light, fungi and most chemicals.

Microlen Buoyancy foam is a cross-linked polyethylene foam and is an efficient closed cell foam for long term use for buoyancy, especially for use in a marine environment.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam

Expanded Polystyrene Sheets (EPS) is a ‘crisp’ or solid closed cell foam and lacks the flexibility which other closed cell foam has. This is a cost-effective alternative for static application. EPS is often used for insulating purposes but can also be used for packaging, support underneath fish tanks as well arts and craft projects. We stock this foam in various thicknesses in 1200 x 600mm sheet. Other sizes and thicknesses supplied to order.


Contact us for advice about the best foam to suit your application and budget.