Rubber comes in all different styles, shapes and sizes!

Rubber Product Types

Rubber is a manufactured material which is combined with various chemical products and the raw material (latex). The combination creates a commercial elastomers commonly known as synthetic rubbers, these are: 

  • Natural
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Polymer)
  • Silicone.

Not all rubber is the same and each synthetic rubber type varies with each having a different set of remarkable properties. Choice of rubber is then selected based on the use of application, we determine which rubber type is best based on the usage and the basis of their comparative characteristics. For example EPDM resists ozone and sunlight ageing best, and is typically used as hatch seals. While Nitrile resists swelling in oil and petrol and can be used for fuel tank seals.

Durometer Hardness:

The hardness of rubber is measured by durometer. This is a standardised method of measuring the hardness of material like rubber as well as plastics. The Durometer scale ranges from 0 to 100. Both Natural and Synthetic Rubbers are manufactured in different hardnesses. The EPDM Sponge Strip is 40 to 50 durometer hardness, while Natural Insertion rubber is 70 to 75 hardness.

Product Range:

We have wide variety of rubber products in store, we are also able source a selection of rubbers which you may not see on our website or our sales floor. 

Natural Insertion is a hard rubber which has either a cotton layer or nylon layer inside. These products are great for mudflaps, lining of toolboxes and it provides great stability and strength for your project. This type of rubber is best for the shade and natural water - it unfortunately does not handle the weather. We stock these goods in 1200mm wide rolls and various strip sizes - in various thicknesses.

Natural is a common type of rubber. Most rubber based products are made from this type. We stock matting and mats as well as chair tips made from this style.

Neoprene is a common rubber used in marine environments. Its characteristics are great for the salty environment and it can handle the harsh UV rays which the outside environment can bring. It can also handle a small amount of oils and fuels. Most common usage for this rubber is gasket and hatchet seals. You will find we stocked this material in 1200mm wide rolls and various strip sizes - in various thicknesses.

Nitrile is a great products for fuel tank seals, it is a high quality durable rubber which does not swell when in contact with abundance of fuels and oils. We stock this in various thickness on 1200mm wide rolls. 

EPDM Sponge Strips are commonly used for sealing hatches on boats. It is a high quality durable rubber which can withstand the harsh marine environment. It can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees celsius. We sell these in various thicknesses and widths. EPDM comes in 30 metre rolls but we can also source EPDM sheeting if needed. 

Extruded Rubber Sections 'U', 'P' and 'E' Shape, these can be used for sealing, covering edges etc. While our U Shapes are made from natural rubber, we do stock some varieties in EPDM material. Our P and E Shapes are made from EPDM rubber. 

Marine Fenders are D Fenders like rubber which is made from durable EPDM rubber and are designed as buffer for pontoons and jetties. We stock these in various sizes and lengths. 

Other rubber products which you will see on our sales floor include rubber hosing, fuel tank straps and container door seals. We also have a variety of rubber grommets both wiring and blanking, as well smaller items including stoppers, buffers and cushion connectors. We do indeed have a large variety of rubber. 

Contact us if you can't find the right type of rubber you are searching for.