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Insulation Tubing

2 metre lengths of closed cell insulation tube.

Product details

Insulation tubing is often used for protecting and insulating pipes. The lightweight elastometric nitrile rubber has been designed specifically to have a low thermal conductivity, which prevents condensation and frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigerant lines whilst also allowing good heat retention for hot water pipes, solar systems and dual temperature piping. Its spongy walls act as a protective layer around the pipe by absorbing impacts and vibrations and offers protection against corrosion from industrial activities and atmospheric environments.

As a closed cell foam it is also water resistant, and has been designed to be self-extinguishing in case of fires, highly resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays, is CFC and chlorine free and inert to most chemical agents and pipe metals.

This product can also be used as padding for protective applications such as covering protruding edges, corners and ledges and padding metal bars.

This product is two metres in length, however we will sell cut pieces of one metre long.


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