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Windscreen Rubber

Product details

Metal side gap: 1-2mm
Glass side gap: 3-5mm
Gap: 4.5mm

Windscreen rubbers are used when fitting a fixed static piece of glass into the metal frame of a vehicle that previously had no window in place, and are often used when fitting new rear windows on vans and larger vehicles. They mostly consist of two parts; the rubber that attaches to the metal frame and glass, and a key for securing everything in place. The key is inserted into a groove running the length of the windscreen rubber and the positioning of this key is done with the use of a specially designed tool, also available for purchase or hire (see Tool Hire and Purchase).

Before ordering this product you will need to know the thickness of the glass you wish to use for the window and the thickness of the metal edging on the vehicle it will be used on.

You will need to allow for the size of the window rubber when cutting the glass to fit. This is calculated by finding the total width of the windscreen rubber (we have written it here as a 'Gap' measurement) and multiplying it by 2, for both measurements of glass panel width and glass panel height.

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