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Windscreen rubber, key only.

Product details

Windscreen rubbers are used when fitting a fixed static piece of glass into the metal frame of a vehicle that previously had no window in place, and are often used when fitting new rear windscreens of vans and larger vehicles. They mostly consist of two parts; the rubber that attaches to the metal frame and glass, and a key for securing everything in place. The key is inserted into a groove running the length of the windscreen rubber and the positioning of this key is done with the use of a specially designed tool, also available for purchase or hire (see Tool Hire and Purchase).

This product is a key only. We usually sell the rubber and key as a set, so we also stock all the rubbers to go with these keys.

This product is intended for use with the windscreen rubber as seen in product number 51-004.992. If you would like to order both together please do so from product number 51-004.992.

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