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VELCRO brand ONE-WRAP straps

Black, VELCRO® brand, strip of ONE-WRAP® straps
Available in multiple widths.

Product details

Strip widths: 12mm, 25mm, 50mm
Colour: Black
Double sided with hook on one side and loop on the other
Sew On

VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® straps are a unique back-to-back, wrap around self gripping fastener with a polyethylene hook flame laminated to a nylon loop. Reusable, infinitely adjustable, VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® straps can be easily cut-to-length to wrap around almost anything. VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® straps qualify as a CAT6 compatible soft cable tie.

VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® straps are ideal for cord control with your computers, TV, VCR, DVD, appliances and power tools, as well as other applications like fibre optics, electrical and sound installations, automotive and marine applications, machinery, camping and out door applications. It is impossible to over-cinch, crimp or damage cords, leads and cables as there are no sharp edges.

VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP® straps can also be riveted, screwed or stapled if required; ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They won't rot or rust and will last for years.

This product comes in rolls of 22.8 metres and is also sold by the metre.

(VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro BVBA, used with permission.)


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