42-500 Pink Specialty Foam

Colour: Pink Code: 42-500 Hardness: 500 Sheet size: 1880mm x 1880mm Specialty foam includes a diverse range of foams used in specific and technical applications. Treated with Ultra Fresh protection to guard against dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

Product details

Thickness: 12, 25, 50mm

Pink Specialty Foam is a very firm, premium quality foam ideal for impact cushioning. Speciality foam is designed for use in a variety of specific and technical applications. Some uses include:

- Gym Mats
- Shock Absorption Pads
- Packaging

Foam is often a better choice for bedding and seating as it offers uniform support and makes no noise during the night. It sleeps cooler during the warmer weather and warmer during the cooler weather. It is durable and can be folded in half and stored without causing damage. It is ideal in applications where there is a lot of wear and tear involved, such as in hotels and motels.


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