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1500 x 900 Supermat Red

Rubber mat with a 'holed' or 'honeycomb' texture. Only available in: 1500mm x 900mm.

Product details

The Supermat effectively helps to remove dirt from footwear in areas of high foot traffic such as entranceways, gateways, halls, door steps and other commercial and domestic applications. The 'honeycomb' structure of the gaps and rubber allow for breathability and can also be used to protect grassy areas or promote new grass growth in parched soils.

The latex rubber is hard wearing and offers slip resistance and flexibility which makes them perfect for both flat and uneven surfaces. Supermats are great products for wet and damp areas as they offer good resistance to water and still remain non-slip.

This product is red nitrile and offers good resistance to oils making it perfect for use in kitchens around deep fat fryers and ovens however, a black version is available which offers resistance to water.


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