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Flocked rubber extrusion for vehicular sliding glass windows.

Product details

Rubber Width: 18mm
Rubber Height: 16mm

Often works on: Commodore

Designed to prevent noise, provide smooth movement and a weatherproof seal, 'sliding glass' channel is used wherever there is a piece of glass that needs to move smoothly within a metal frame. The rubber stays fixed in place and lines the length of the 'U' shaped groove in which the glass is placed. The glass pane is slotted inside the flocked inner channel of the rubber, which has a 'velvety' or felt-like texture to allow the glass to slide easily up and down the channel.
These measurements are a guide only and are based on the final shape of the rubber channel once set in the 'U'-shaped groove of the vehicle.

Before you order this product you need to know what size metal 'U'-shaped groove you have to fit the rubber channel into.

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