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PW100-3Blk Pinchweld Aluminium

Pinchweld with an aluminium insert.

Product details

Pinchweld width: 3mm
Pinchweld height: 14mm
Colour: Black
Our Code: PW100-3Blk

This type of pinchweld has a metal 'staple' inserted into the pinchweld in individual pockets at short intervals along the length of the product. The 'staples' increase the overall grip of the pinchweld and are rust resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for marine applications. This pinchweld does not have a seal attached to it, and is often applied where two metal edges meet to help secure into place and to create a neat edging.

This type of pinchweld has a textured surface and comes in black.

This product comes in rolls of 76 metres and can be sold as multi-rolls, rolls or metres.

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