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PVC Clear Tube

PVC Clear Tubing. 30 Metre Rolls Variety of diameters

Product details

PVC tubes offer flexibility and durability and are suitable for food and beverage lines operating at low pressures, general purpose low pressure delivery lines, light siphon lines, cable protection and drainage lines, amongst other applications.

Tubes can be bought in a variety of diameters. All PVC tubes are transparent and the diameter of all our tubes is based on the inner diameter.

We stock several different sizes, however if we do not stock the size you are looking for, please email us the diameter size and length you require and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Available with the following ID:
3mm ID
5mm ID
6mm ID
8mm ID
10mm ID
12mm ID
16mm ID
20mm ID
25mm ID
32mm ID


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