Multigrip 1380mm Wide

Thick and robust. Retains shape and has least tendency to flop. Great wind resistance and has extra padding.

Product details

3mm thick PVC with holes.

Roll size: 1380mm wide.

Thicker, high strength matting with addtional cushioning for protection and luxury feel. Commonly used for fine rugs, delicate woodworking, and damage control for fruit displays. It is air permeable and has good sound insulation.

Multigrip is washable in warm soapy water, is guaranteed up to 10 years with proper care and manufactured to resist flame, odour causing bacteria, mould, mildew, moths or vermin. Non allergenic and easy to cut, multigrip will not rot, frey or easily tear.

Available in:
- Black

Other colours may be available supplied to order.

Samples available on request instore or via our contact page.


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