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Logo Mat

Get your design made into a personalised mat.

Product details

We can make your design into your very own personalised mat to suit many applications. The designs can be virtually anything ranging from company logos, slogans, cartoons, iconic images or even taken from photos. Logo mats are a great way of advertising and are the perfect promotional tool. The mats are available in a range of sizes and look great with an excellent range of colours with crisp lines and definition. No workplace is complete without one!

If you would like to purchase a logo mat, please select a size from the drop-down menu and send us the picture you wish to put on the mat in any of the following formats to

Acceptable formats:

PDF - Adobe Systems
CDR - Corel Draw
EPS - Early Adobe Illustrator, DSC conforming post script
AI - Adobe Illustrator artwork

If these formats are not possible, we can also accept JPEG or BMP formats.

Please ensure you send more than one copy of the image, preferably in two different formats if possible. Please note that the mats take approximately 4 weeks to make.

Alternative sizes and shapes can be catered for upon request.


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