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3M Dual Lock

Transparent, 25mm wide strip of 3M Dual Lock

Product details

25mm wide strip

3M fasteners are a strong yet easily removable fastening solution that can replace screws, bolts and rivets in your designs. The fasteners have hundreds of interlocking mushroom-shaped stems that audibly 'snap' together to form a secure attachment and an adhesive backing that adheres to your substrate.

Dual Lock is a tool-free, seamless fastening system. The industrial fasteners work similarly to hook and loop products, but offer five times the holding strength and are still lightweight.

3M Dual Lock gives you more flexibility in your designs than ever before. They are quickly and easily adjusted, realigned or reattached. The fasteners leave your product with clean, smooth lines free of interruptions or holes. Versatile and flexible, 3M fasteners provide endless application possibilities. Use them for everything from securing a toll transponder to fastening access panels to assembling POP displays.

To use the fasteners, simply press together the two sides of interlocking mushroom-shaped stems until you hear an audible snap, indicating the fastener is engaged.

This product comes on a 22.8 metre roll, and is also sold by the metre

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