Wiring Grommet Kit

Multiple grommet sizes in a handy reusable kit.

Product details

Made out of rubber, grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place. They are used to prevent tearing or abrasion and to cover sharp edges. Wiring grommets have a hole in the centre to feed through cables, wires, etc.

Contents include:

15 x 7-3mm
10 x 8-5mm
10 x 13-6mm
6 x 14-8mm
10 x 13-10mm
10 x 14-10mm
4 x 25-16mm
5 x 19-10mm
5 x 19-11mm
5 x 17-13mm
3 x 24-19mm
3 x 32-23mm


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