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"e" Shaped rubber extrusion

Product details

Rubber width: 13mm
Rubber height: 13mm
Gap: 2mm

'e' shaped extrusions are often used to hide the fixtures of a rubber bumper and are often used on the edges of boats, trolleys and walls. The bottom part of the 'e' is fixed into place with screws or nails etc. and the rounded top part of the 'e' neatly hides the fixings and provides the buffering.

Sometimes this product can be used to fit an overhang from a surface where the lower part can be secured between two surfaces and the top can be over these surfaces to provide the bumper.

When ordering this product, keep in mind what you want to place into the gap, whether it be a screw or a surface. There are different gap widths to suit a number of different applications.

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"e" Shaped rubber extrusion

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