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Metal crimp for shock cords.
To suit 6mm and 8mm Shock Cords only.

Product details

This product is used at the end of the shock cord to secure the end into a loop shape.

Take the end of the shock cord, and make a loop at the end of whatever size you require. You need to make the loop at least the length of the crimp, plus 1cm in order to create a strong clamp. Place the crimp where you want to secure the cord, making sure there is at least 3mm from the very end of the cord and the top of the crimp. Squeeze closed the crimp, placing enough pressure to ensure the clamp presses tightly down onto the cord until the open ends of the crimp are touching. You can also use pliers to close the crimp.

Once completed, the crimp should completely encompass the cord and a secure loop should be created.

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