900 x 600 Cleanall

Carpet topped mat with diamond pattern. Polypropylene pile permanently bonded to a non-slip rubber backing. Anti-Static Please enquire about available sizes and colours prior to purchase.

Product details

Cleanall mats are a great way to keep dust, dirt and water from being tracked inside. Non-slip backing to prevent sliding. Being incredibly abosrobent by having raised edges that hold up to 7-8 litres of water per square metre of coverage.

Featuring a specially developed loop piled carpet with extra coarse fibres and surface coating.
The unique surface coating provides extra safety tractionduring wet weather. Using recycled materials in the surface, backing and edges; every 1.5m2 contains one scrap tyre and four plastic bottles that were otherwise destined for landfill.
Our Cleanall Mats are "Wheeled Traffic friendly", luggage carts, suitcases and trolleys will have no problem traversing matting.

Available in a variety of sizes, and in black, charcoal or red upon request.

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