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Rubber Product Types

The raw material (latex) is combined with various chemical products to make commercial elastomers (synthetic rubbers). These have names such as:
  • Natural
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Polymer)
  • Silicone.

Each varies in their properties, and are selected for application on the basis of their comparative characteristics. For example EPDM resists ozone and sunlight ageing best, and is typically used as hatch seals. Nitrile resists swelling in oil and petrol and can be used for fuel tank seals.

Durometer Hardness:

Both natural and synthetic rubber can be manufactured in different hardnesses. A typical EPDM expanded sponge sealing strip is 40 to 50 durometer hardness. Natural insertion sheet such as used for mudflaps is 70 to 75 hardness.

Product Range:

Rubber products stocked include insertion and plain sheet and strip rubber, mats and matting, extruded sealing sections and strips (expanded sponge form), mouldings such as marine fender, fuel tank strapping and container door seals, channel and weather strips, small items such as grommets, buffers, stops, inserts and chair tips.

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