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  • Uni Mat 705R


    Product summary

    Made from a durable, UV resistant, fibre re-inforced, natural and synthetic, rubber. (more)

  • Product details

  • Size: 2100mm x 1520mm x 5mm thick

    The special rubber compound and mat design help prevent your cargo from sliding in any direction, ensuring your load stays in place.

    Uni mats not only protect your cargo but also help to keep your ute tray in top condition.


    * Made from durable fibre reinforced rubber

    * UV Resistant

    * Tear, crack & warp resistant

    * Resistant to most chemicals and liquids

    * Resistant to extreme temperatures

    * Skid resistant

    * Dimpled under bottom to help prevent water damage and rust

    * Custom moulded to suit tray

    * Made from natural and synthetic rubber

    * Reduces noise

    * Ribbed non-slip surface prevents items from sliding and rolling.


    * Four Wheel Drives

    * Utes & Vans

    * Council and Government Departments

    * Commercial Vehicles

    * Passenger Vehicles

    * Tradespeople

    * Farmers

    * Contractors

    Also available in other sizes - supply to order only.

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