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  • Sikaflex-291


    Product summary

    Multipurpose marine adhesive sealant

    Available in Black or White 310mL tube (more)

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  • Sikaflex-291 is a Wheelmark approved (Meets the regulations set out by the IMO), fast curing multipurpose adhesive and sealant for all seagoing vessels. It features an easy-to-use corking gun ready packaging.

    Sikaflex can be used as a one-component polyurethane sealant, which has been specifically developed for the marine market. This product cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer, and bonds extremely well to the common materials used in marine vessels such as wood, metals, fibreglass, metal primers, paint coatings, ceramic materials and plastics. It is hard wearing and weather resistant and can also be used for bedding of components. Once dry, Sikaflex-291 can be sanded and painted (always test the paint compatibility on a small patch first). When wet, Sikaflex will not drip or sag, making it perfect for overhead work.

    Available in Black or White in a 310mL tube.

    For maximum results, Sikaflex can be used in conjunction with an activator - Sika Aktivator or the appropriate Sika primer - however an excellent bond can still be achieved without these extra measures. For further information on primers and activators, please contact Sikabond directly.

    All surfaces must be clean and dry prior to application to ensure best results.

    We highly recommend reading the Safety Sheet and Data Sheet before buying or using this product.

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