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EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Polymer) is a synthetic rubber formulated with excellent resistance to ozone, ultra violet light and flex cracking. It is commonly supplied in Durometer (Shore Hardness) 55SH and has good memory retention. In short, it is excellent in sun and salt water! Sold by the meter or roll. Roll lengths are as indicated. Stocked sizes are below. Other sizes supplied to order.

P219 4mm round 30m P504 8 x 10mm 30m
P216 5mm round 30m P405 10 x 10mm 30m
P489 6mm round 30m P406 10 x 13mm 30m
P143 7mm round 30m P501 10 x 17.5mm 30m
P138 10mm round 30m P487 10 x 25mm 30m
P142 13mm round 50m P407 10 x 32mm 30m
P144 15mm round 30m P545 10 x 38mm 30m
P498 19mm round 30m P546 10 x 50mm 30m
P506 1.5 x 25mm 30m P408 13 x 13mm 30m
P410 13 x 19mm 30m
P398 3 x 13mm 30m P411 13 x 25mm 30m
P399 3 x 25mm 30m P412 13 x 38mm 30m
P497 3 x 32mm 30m P413 13 x 44mm 30m
P495 3 x 38mm 30m P414 13 x 50mm 30m
P507 4.5 x 10mm 30m P415 16 x 16mm 30m
P503 4.5 x 17.5mm 30m P416 16 x 19mm 30m
P496 4.5 x 25mm 30m P417 16 x 25mm 30m
P505 4.5 x 38mm 30m
P423 19 x 19mm 30m
60-8760 5 x 5mm 50m P427 19 x 25mm 30m
P424 19 x 32mm 30m
P400 6 x 6mm 30m P425 19 x 38mm 30m
P401 6 x 13mm 30m P426 19 x 50mm 30m
P402 6 x 19mm 30m
39-416 6 x 25mm 50m P428 25 x 25mm 30m
P431 6 x 32mm 30m P467 25 x 32mm 30m
P404 6 x 38mm 30m P429 25 x 38mm 30m
P488 6 x 50mm 30m P473 25 x 50mm 30m
P433 6 x 68mm 30m

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