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Door Seals

We stock a wide range of seals with good resistance to weathering, ageing, ultra violet light, fungi and most chemicals.
These can be categorised in various ways:

Extruded Sponge Seals
Standard sizes as well as various shapes, generally fixed (with adhesive) to the door or lid itself.

Pinchweld Seals
Generally fixed to the body and the door or lid closes on to it. Consists of an edging (for affixing) with a bulb seal attached.

Self Adhesive Seals
Standard sizes (e.g. 6 x 24mm) and profile shapes.
Container Door Seals
These are for dual door systems and are affixed to the edge of the last closing door. Sizes given refer to the door thickness. There is a range of lip configurations available (see profiles). Some of which are for use on any door thickness. One style has a PVC Rigid Carrier with flexible rubber lips. The other style is all rubber.

Refrigeration (Commercial Seals)
These are "p" shape profiles in a range of sizes, as well as the vinyl jacketed snap freezer seal.

Roller Door Seal

Labyrinth Seal
Commercial Sliding Doors

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